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Kyle Twilight
United States
I got into art back in Middle School when my art teacher had his wall covered in drawings he'd done of various super heroes. Honestly, I couldn't really draw before I hit puberty (which I assume is why the female form is my absolute favorite thing to draw) so it was kind of amazing to the family when I just became fascinated with it. When I first started posting online, I was under the name "Kyle Twilight" (long before the Twilight series, mind you) and I pulled the moniker from one of my main characters I'd drawn since middle school in my original works.

More recently, I've gotten my degree in Graphic Design, but no luck in tracking down a job to utilize it yet. (Which is why I've been so hit or miss these past few years.) I'm working on putting a novel together at the moment, as well as getting a lot of old projects finished up. I've also started dabbling in 3D art thanks to Daz 3D offering 4.5, Bryce, and Hexagon for free right now. Considering how many things are going 3D, I figured it'd be a good idea to familiarize myself with them.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: extra large
Favourite genre of music: anything that inspires me while I'm drawing or writing. I have an odd song list on my MP3 play
Favourite style of art: comic and fantasy
Hopefully 2014 will pan out differently than 2013 did.  I was going through some old works for posting a few of the more explicit items I've done over at Hentai Foundry. (This is my first attempt at posting there despite having an account since 2007 apparently, as anyone who knows me also knows I'm my own worst critic.  I've always figured my work wouldn't be up to their standards, despite seeing pieces and having pieces pointed out to me that were of lower quality than some of my own works.  Thanks for doing pushing me to try at least Doc Dweeb!)  Kind of nervous as my first initial submissions haven't been approved yet though though they've been posted for a day now. 
Anyway, while going though older works, I came across some of my old art school stuff, and decided to showcase some of it.  I was hesitant because a lot of it was trying to replicate things from existing works from anatomy books and such.  I decided to showcase it (despite not remember the text it was referenced from) because I think that as artists, we have to recognize and accept that our work will likely be copied in some way, shape, or form by those trying to learn, and all artists should attempt to learn anatomy and perspective.  (Admittedly, both still escape me sometimes, despite having been trained formally in them.)  Number 5 and 7 (the hands and skull) seem to not want to get posted thanks to some sort of error with Deviant Art, so those may have to wait for a bit. 
I can't stress enough how much Life Studies and studying anatomy in general helped in improving my art, and I recommend studying both even if you're going for an unrealistic cartoon style of drawing.  The important thing to remember when attempting drawing from life is akin to not focus on drawing an eye or a nose, but rather the lines and curves which make up the nose.  My teacher told me, "I do a good job of not focusing on one particular area until it's complete."  Basically, that refers to sketching a line or curve, then looking at another line and curve and how far it is away in relation to that curve, as well as the other lines or curves which make up the object you're drawing.  It's tough to do, and is still one of my weakest areas in drawing, but very satisfying when it turns out.  Of course, the biggest factor is to just have fun with it, but hopefully the tips help out or were at least interesting to read. :D

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Colors (Digital)
Siren's lure by kyletwilight
Advertisement for Mass Effect by kyletwilight
Rainbow Dash for a friend. by kyletwilight
Interceptor by kyletwilight
Digital coloring using Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Illustrator.  Pencil and ink phase is necessary for most of this sort of work as well.
Digital rendering with Daz3D
Asaripinup002 by kyletwilight
Digital renders done with Daz3D, unless I finally manage to get a copy of the latest Poser and Zbrush to work with.  If I lack a model to create the scene with, that will be also required in the purchase of the commission.
Colors (painting)
Flowers in a vase by kyletwilight
Chellsie Memmel Watercolor by kyletwilight
Painting, due to the higher cost of material and time, will require the purchase of pencils, a purchase of inks $50, and then a the purchase of the painting level $50, for $150 total for the order.  While inks themselves may not be used in terms of outlining, the purchase of the inks in the price reflects the number of paints that will often be used in the blending of colors as well as the increased processing time.   I will provide updates on progress at each stage, the pencil stage, first grade of painting, and then the final stage where I finish detailing, highlights, and clear coat.
Colors (Colored Pencil, marker)
Chellsie Memmel Color Pencils by kyletwilight
Chellsie Memmel Marker by kyletwilight
I can go to any of the physical medium format of coloring from the pencil or rough stages, though some might prefer inks as well.  This stage is $50
Yukinkocover001 by kyletwilight
The stage that I most commonly go to after pencils.  Inks are the final refinement I use before going to digital color when I go that route.  As such, purchasers of inks must first have purchased the pencil stage at least.
Tali nude sketch by kyletwilight
A more refined pencil sketch, with details and/or shading and with guidelines erased.  Roughs are included with the purchase of this level of work.
Rough layouts
Red Rider, initial design by kyletwilight A quick rough layout or sketch of a concept, to get the idea out there.  Guidelines may still be visible, and line work will be on the more sketchy side and less defined.  This level of work is included with the purchase of any higher grade of work, but is an option for those just needing a layout for their idea.


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Hey. I've been following your work since the CG Shrines, though I wish I saved more of your work. :p
Thanks!  I always love to hear from fans, as it let's me know I'm doing something right.  lol  It's been a while since I've been on CG Shrines, and should really check back in on there.  I kind of fell out of doing fan art for a while due to work and school taking up too much of my time, but I've been getting back into it recently.  Really appreciate you taking the time to comment, and hope the new stuff is as enjoyable!
Commission Opening list:

TheRierie Dec 9, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Hello! I'd like to invite you to our group, :iconlegendofdragoonart: after seeing the LoD artwork in your gallery. Please help our new group grow, even if you will not be contributing further. There is an immense lack of art for this particular game, and we want to put the best out there for fans to see.

Please consider our request and we hope to see you soon!
I appreciate the interest. If you want, you're more than free to post my image in your gallery. All that I ask is a link back to my own page. That's the only Legend of Dragoon piece I've done sadly.
hey! its kenton the guy from best buy. this is some great work man, i have such a hard time doing the human figure.
Sorry for taking so long to reply. Been pretty busy, and haven't been checking this as regularly as I should have been. Hopefully going to be remedying that soon. I appreciate the comments though. As for the human figure, I still struggle with it all the time too, to tell the truth. The best thing to do is to try and not focus on the object your drawing, but notice the curves and lines of the object, and how it relates to the rest of the parts around it. For instance, don't just draw the eye, try to draw the curve in relation to where it should line up with the cheek bones, neck, and so forth. Basically, don't get so focused on one detail that you lose sight of the rest of the image as a whole, if that makes any sense. It was something my life studies teacher tried to drill into us. Also, don't be afraid to start with stick figures, then flesh your way out to the rest of the body. I've really been liking the "Comic Artist's Photo Reference" books lately, as they show how to combine elements taken from multiple reference photos to create your own unique scenes. Thanks for taking a look, and again, sorry about the wait on the reply.
palorwolf Feb 5, 2008  Student Digital Artist
I've seen some of your work on other sites. I dig Micro Nurse and the Elf Comic you have.

Welcome to DA!
I started this gallery section so I could show off some of my artwork to the various people I play City of Heroes with, and as an outlet for work that wouldn't fit into other places I post in. I hope everyone enjoys it, and I'll gradually be trying to add to it.
Hey kyletwilight its been a long time
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